About the author


Dr Jarrad B. Elson

Dr Jarrad B. Elson spends most of his time looking after people’s teeth.

In his spare time, when he’s not dreaming up stories about jungles and animals, he likes to spend time with his girlfriend, Tanysha, play fetch with his dog Dwight, go swimming, dabble in piano playing, browse Reddit and watch how-to Youtube videos.

He also likes to play video games, tennis, and his pinball machine, learn some Spanish words, watch the Adelaide Crows play AFL football, perform the occasional magic trick, and ponder his next travel adventure.

Oh, and recently he’s been learning to build websites. Like this one.

He grew up in a small town of 600 people called Wudinna. The main things to do there were go to school and play sports on weekends. This left him plenty of time to dream of doing such things as becoming a dentist and writing a picture book.

Currently he lives in the slightly bigger town of Port Lincoln in South Australia, where he’s planning the start of his book tour to start bringing Cheetah the Cheater to the world.

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