About the book


So just how did a normal 'everyday' dentist come to write a picture book?

Cheetah the Cheater by South Australian dentist, Dr Jarrad B. Elson, started as a way to prove a point – that being a writer of picture books was easy.

“You can’t write a picture book and call yourself an author!” he used to say.

So one day, back in 2015, he set out to prove to everybody just how easy it was.

And he was dead wrong.

He already had the title in mind – which he’d actually had in mind as a picture book title since he was ten years old - but it took over six months of attempting to just start before he had a beginning that was somewhat okay.

From there, the first draft took only one weekend. But to refine it into a story worthy of publishing – line by line, rhyme by rhyme – took four solid weeks of obsessive work. He even enlisted the professional manuscript assessment services of Dr Virginia Lowe for critiquing.

So now he had a manuscript! Now what?

Of course, the next step was to see it published as a picture book!

Unfortunately, publishing companies and agents are not interested in picture book manuscripts. Not unless you’re already well known – in which case they can easily sell your book because of your name – they won’t even accept your submission, let alone read it.

So what can you do?

You publish it yourself, of course!

Welcome to the world of self publishing.

Being the perfectionist that he is, Jarrad didn’t want to create just any book.

He wanted this book to be the best. So he knew he needed to find the right people for the job.

The first step was to find an illustrator. Luckily – in this age of the internet – you can hire an illustrator that comes from anywhere in the world. Which was great – because Jarrad stumbled across some artwork from Russian illustrator Erika Tcogoeva while searching on Google and knew straight away who he wanted to bring his story to life.

Of course, there’s more to creating a book than simply hiring an illustrator. Indeed, this was Erika’s first picture book. Book design is a whole different ball game. So Jarrad enlisted the help of award winning book designer Bruno Herfst, and later graphic designer Sheryl Cole to be part of the team to help develop the book, through every stage, from start to finish. This meticulous process took over a year and a half.

Finally, the hardcover books have been printed in full colour to very precise specifications by the excellent printing company, Tien Wah Press. They will be arriving in April 2018 – ready to be shared with the world.

I hope you enjoy reading and sharing the book as much as I enjoyed creating it!

You can order your very own copy by clicking below.