Cheetah the Cheater – iPad eBook


Downloadable PDF of the much-anticipated picture book, Cheetah the Cheater by Dr Jarrad B. Elson.

You’ll be able to take the story anywhere!


  1. Download the ‘Documents by Readdle’ app in the app store
  2. Open download link from your email on ipad
  3. Tap ‘Open in…’ in the bottom right corder of the screen
  4. Tap ‘Copy to Documents’ or ‘Import with iBooks’ to choose your preferred PDF reader
  5. Enjoy!




Written by Port Lincoln-based dentist, Dr Jarrad B. Elson, and illustrated by Russian illustrator Erika Tcogoeva, Cheetah the Cheater is the result of a two year book creation process.

Originally written to prove a point that creating a picture book would be easy – Jarrad soon learned that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Always one to embrace a challenge, he set out to bring his story to life and create a picture book that would be loved by not only children, but also all adults who are young at heart.

You can’t not love¬†Cheetah the Cheater!